Floating Igloo begins by exploring the world for the best marijuana strains. Our major aim was to find the topmost yielding cannabis plants from all parts of the globe. In choosing our strains we choose only the healthy plants with constant CBD and THC levels that are easy to grow for both commercial and private green scale.

Floating Igloo is a lifestyle and entertainment platform featuring dynamic coverage of cannabis and its related products, With a mission That includes striving to make the cannabis conversation prevailing. Floating Igloo is a premier, comprehensive destination for purchasing and discovering everything you have ever wanted to know about the fast-growing cannabis world. We offer our customers humorous and bright insights on the latest news, hilarious quizzes related to marijuana.

At Floating Igloo, we have a team of internationally recognized professionals who jointly provide information about diseases, health issues, and how cannabinoids can help.
Readers gain first-hand and unique information on latest advances in the fast developing medical marijuana field.

We strongly agreed that every matured person who needs medical cannabinoids should have easy access to it. We want to do everything within our means to make sure that our customers get the very best access to the very best medical marijuana that we have to offer. Uniquely, we love-high grade cannabis and all of its products and we enjoy sharing it with our customers and friends that are in need.

Our Goals
At floating igloo, we focus more on the quality of our products, customer satisfaction and the ease with which our customers can access our services. Your suggestions on how we can improve are greatly welcomed, please feel free to make your suggestion as we are here to perfect a touch of class.

Your privacy is one of our top priorities. We guarantee a safe and secure adventure on our websites and products. An offshore server that keeps no logs, guarantees your total security.

Network Credentials
Our tenacity is in our network. Ultimately, ten years of combined experience in dealing with the best marijuana around the globe.

Customer Support
Besides our matured and sophisticated network, our Number one goal and ambition is to be able to offer the industry a world class customer service. Help us with our shared goal by contributing to our feedback page.

We pride ourselves to be the very best in this field. And hold ourselves to a high standard we would expect ourselves as perfectionists. That means a never-tired determination to give you the best service that to others, it is farfetched.


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